What is Online Governor?

Image of a  school governor sat in front of a computer monitor displaying the name 'Online Governor'

Online Governor is an easy-to-use, innovative paper free administration system designed for use by school managers, governors and committee members. Itís a simple yet sophisticated tool which can be used for:

Providing instant access from any computer and bespoke structures for committees, Online Governor is a one-stop portal offering greater control and security of sensitive information and documents. This secure web-based paper free solution will give schools initial direct savings of £3920 per year.

Why use Online Governor?

Schools and colleges face ever increasing pressure in regards to budgets, funding, time management and legal obligations - not to mention environmental issues. To make complex duties easier to control, it is vital that administration systems are simplified utilising 21st century technologies.

In a recent Ofsted inspection, the inspectors judged Online Governor to be Ďa highly effective way of organising the work and administration of the governing bodyí.

Is it easy to use?

Ease-of-use is central to making Online Governor a successful tool for your school. Every process is broken down into basic steps and itís incredibly easy to navigate Ė even users with little experience of computer and web-based systems can quickly become adept at using it.

Make sure your school is amongst the first to benefit from this cost saving, time saving, paper-free governance system.

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